The Effects of Pesticides and Herbicides

I’m sure you have heard concerns about herbicide sprays such as Roundup (Glyphosate).

Herbicides are widely used for weed control on vineyards worldwide.

These chemicals are thought to dissipate and degrade becoming harmless shortly after application.

Because of lawsuits being filed against Bayer, investigation of herbicide and pesticide effects on fruit (grapes) have found small residual concentrations in wine.

These low levels of residual contamination are thought to be harmless but no one knows for sure what the long term effect is on health.

Please be assured that we at Cassata Vineyards use no such chemicals and have total control of our watershed so our neighbors cannot contaminate our soil. We practice biosustainable farming with the soil, plants and animals working in unison.

Hence we feel very proud of our slogan: “The purity of the Earth is evident in every sip of our wine.”

Tom Cassata

Cassata Family Vineyard