We believe in creating excellence through sustainable winemaking practices and what we take out of the Earth, we enrich by giving back. Rather than constantly taking from the land, as winemakers we embrace traditional agrarian methods that allow the vines to grow naturally. These practices ensure that the vineyard and its environment can continue to produce wines for future generations and is the ultimate in sustainability.


The Cassata Sonoma property is situated in beautiful Glen Ellen, CA. This area is known for its outstanding growing soils and climate. Fruit trees and vegetable gardens fill the open areas along the valley floor. The vineyard has been re-established along the gentle rolling hills. The entire property is managed bio-sustainably so that future generations can enjoy a pure and simple refuge in this isolated valley.


Our unique property is a special place of history, beauty, and serenity in Jack London's romantic Valley of the Moon. Purchased in 2002 by the Cassata Family, this rich land was once a part of the Mexican Land Grant known as Rancho Los Guilicos - and it's history goes back to the 18th century when the Spanish first established a chain of missions in California. Click here to read more.